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Merc Steelhead Ironhead Solo

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While found in the largest numbers inside the Khadoran Army, fighting men and women decked out in heavy, steam-powered armor are not exclusive to that kingdom. A number of successful mercenaries with mechanikal aptitude have opted to be outfitted in this sort of gear. For those who can afford it, such armor makes its wearer nearly invulnerable to small-arms fire and greatly increases survivability to explosives and even direct hits from major ordnance. For the best mercenary mechaniks, being an Ironhead is the closest they have to a guarantee they will live long enough to collect payment. The Steelhead Ironhead is a mechanik in a large suit of steam-powered armor. This model will be at home in any army that needs a mechanik with some survivability. In addition to being able to fix any friendly construct in need, this model also packs a pair of solid melee attacks and the ability to reposition friendly mercenary models using its large industrial clamp arm.

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