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Clockatrice Heavy Warbeast

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If the clockatrice is born of nightmares, it comes from a dreamscape of fiendish engineering, the metallic grinding of countless gears, and a malevolence arising from an intricate mechanism that mimics a living beast. As in the fables it inspired, the clockatrice can freeze and kill with but a glance of its glowing eyes. Time flows differently around this creature, warped by the haphazard spinning of the arms of its giant clock, always to the detriment of any mortals facing its razor-sharp claws and beak. This warbeast may look like an oddity, but it performs quite reliably on the battlefield. Capable of reducing the speed and defenses of enemy models, the Clockatrice is a utility piece that can fight well on its own but also sets up other heavy hitters such as Skin & Moans (PIP 76007) or The Child (PIP 76002) to finish off high-defense targets.

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