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Dungeon Master Screen

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This new DUNGEON MASTER Screen puts the most important combat and encounter tables at your fingertips! Don't slow down the action by searching for numbers; keep them in front of you all the time with this handy, easy to read screen and reference guide. An indispensable game aid to Dungeon Masters for all levels of play!

Also included, the Escape from Thunder Rift adventure leads heroes into a dark dungeon where they may discover a gate between the valley of Thunder Rift and the World of Mystara. Escape from Thunder Rift is designed to take both players and their Dungeon Master from the introductory D&D game rules to the more challenging D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Fun for experienced and novice players alike, this adventure takes four to six heroes from 5th to higher levels of play.

Introduces players to the village of Bywater from the best-selling D&D Novel, The Tainted Sword
Can be used without the Thunder Rift accessory
Introduces wilderness and town adventuring to novice players
For use with either the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game Box or the D&D Rules Cyclopedia

Extra Info

Category: Basic D&D
Format: Quad-fold cardstock screen, paper cover, 32-page book
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Item Code: 9437
Page Count:
Publisher: TSR
Release Date: 1/1/1993
Rules: Basic D&D
Series: DMR
Series No: 1
Setting: NA (Mystara)


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