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A Light in the Belfry

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"The only thing more fragile than glass is a lover's heart."
- Vistani Proverb

Decades ago, the fair land of Avonleigh was guarded by an order of paladins known as the Circle. One stormy night, a wizard named Morgoroth came to seek refuge with them.

But, all was not as it seemed! Morogoroth was no mere wizard; he was a necromancer on the run from a knightly brotherhood that had vowed to see him destroyed! When fate revealed his past, he betrayed the Circle and fled.

Can your heroes complete the crusade that destroyed the Circle? Can they learn the secrets of Morgoroth's power before the necromancer destroys them? Accept the quest if you dare....
A Light in the Belfry is the first RAVENLOFT adventure to feature an Interactive Audio CD. As players explore Morgoroth's dreadfilled manor, they will actually hear the lamentations of tortured spirts, the clash of swords and the thunderous roar of magic. With almost 100 tracks of dialogue, sound effects and mood music, TSR's Interactive Audio CD Adventures add a new dimension to the horror of Ravenloft.

Extra Info

Author: William W. Connors
Category: Audio CD adventure boxed set
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Item Code: 9494
Page Count:
Publisher: TSR
Release Date: 5/1/1995
Rules: AD&D 2
Series No:
Setting: Ravenloft


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