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A Guide to Transylvania: A Masque of the Red Death Accessory

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The grim, gray Carpathians stand etched against the rising moon. Atop a lonely peak, a crumbling castle crouches. It waits, its broken battlements grinning like skull's teeth...

A Guide to Transylvania is an indispensable accessory for any MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH campaign, or for a campaign for any game system set in the 1890's. This 96-page book contains everything needed to explore the exotic, fear-filled country that is home to Dracula.
Highlights of this volume include a survey of Transylvania's history and geography; an overview of the beliefs, practices, crafts, and language of the people of Transylvania, from the Romanians to the mysterious Gypsies, including a section on folklore and superstitions; the history of Vlad Dracula, the historical personality whose name has become synonymous with "vampire"; and maps showing Transylvania and the surrounding regions.

Additionally, A Guide to Transylvania presents sixteen personalities who will enrich any Transylvania-based campaign, and five new qabals, shadowy secret societies who either struggle with the heroes against the unnatural, or stive to strengthen it.

Extra Info

Author: Nicky Rea
Category: AD&D 2
Format: book
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Item Code: 9529
Page Count: 96
Publisher: TSR
Release Date: 8/1/1996
Rules: AD&D 2
Series No:
Setting: Ravenloft


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